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The tone of the Gong is the tone of life, takes place within the sacred space of sound. The Gong, of oriental origin, as insured by historians and musicologists, appeared at the beginning of the Bronze Age, 5500 years ago, (around 3500 years BC). The Gong reverenced as the incarnation of an entity that expressed itself through the reproduction of the OM sound of life.
A holistic health practitioner works on the fundamental premise of the word “Healing” means “Complete doing,” complete means “Being Completely Resonant.”
The Gong, still without pranic breathing, without any stretching of the nerves by yoga, is designed to be a primordial therapeutic function that magnetizes and rejuvenates the body and mind.
According to Kundalini Yoga, the pituitary body of the brain is not only a gland without a conduit that produces hormones that control the whole body, but it is also an Ego / Mallet that is first activated to activate the soul consciousness of the Gland. Pineal gong
The Gong proclaimed as an instrument of transformational power, a therapeutic tool nowadays and shamanic from the ancestors that envelops us in a complete total of sound to bring us back to optimal health and balance.

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Level of professionalism

Graduates of the different professional pieces of training offered by the IES can freely use their degree to provide sound massage and sound harmonization therapies to patients, in health institutions, holistic centers or any space that requires it.
A certified sound therapist of the IES is committed to making use of the knowledge and skills acquired with ethics and loyalty.
The Spanish Institution of Sound therapy has a register of the Spain ministry of institutions and associations.

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