Magic India

An extraordinary adventure

India, a country that mixes magic, culture, and spirituality like no other. Going to India is to know another world, one that connects you with the knowledge of wise initiates to live in harmony and balance.

We have great respect and affection for India, a country of millenarian knowledge and cradle of the healing techniques that we proudly teach since 2007.
For us, it is essential to be in contact with our spiritual roots and share this magic with all the students of the IES and their families.
We have created a tour to get to know a Magical India from a different perspective, focused on music, culture, and religion.
We have designed a guided tour that will enrich your concept of this great country and your deepening of the practice acquired with us.
Do not miss this great adventure!

If you have taken training or sound therapies with me, you have to come and explore these benefits mixing yoga, sacred sounds, and educational travel through our beloved & Magic India. Nowadays there are many different tours offered on the market but no one like this.

Our trips focus on new life experience. We offer three essential topics when traveling, the culture of the region, yoga and music from the different areas. Without losing the primary objective, studying music and sound and its healing benefits.
A requirement is the willingness to adventure together and supporting each other during this great experience.

Are you ready to travel?
Come on, join us.
Ramji Singh

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