NEW Monochord and resonance training

Deep healing

The monochord is a long instrument in the form of a long inner flute concave with openings. It´s divided into nine parts recorded with nine letters of the alphabet.
From top to bottom on the divisions has a single nerve cord and when it is struck according to the rules of the art, allows to execute all the invented melodies; its an instrument.

The basic monochord, or tonometric monochord, is usually a rectangular box and a single string that produces a tone (octave) when played by a plectrum or with the fingers.

This great millenary tool will help you to transmit new knowledge through profound sensitivity.

That is why this great instrument called Monocordio, brings us closer in all its senses as in unipersonal and collective meditation, sound concerts and individual therapy.

It helps you to feel your sound spectrum throughout the body, through resonance from very subtle levels, to intense ones.

Monocordial Benefits:

  • It helps improve hand mobility in patients with conditions of arthritis, rheumatoid diseases and Parkinson’s.
  • It helps to have a deep contact with the inner being through the heart, the fourth chakra called Anahata.
  • Soul strengthens an absolute knowledge for the development of and connection with the human being through the force of sound.

  • This year we will begin with the formation of Monochord as a new healing technique in the IES.

    I have designed this training to deepen the knowledge of this instrument, and we will experience its great sacred benefits and millenary vibration.

    We will be supported by several German pioneer firms in the field.
    The first session will occur in Mexico in October, I hope to see you there.

    Ramji Singh

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