Gong bath

A Gong bath is a sound therapy where the Gong is played therapeutically to achieve healing and take you to a state of deep relaxation and neutrality so that the healing of the physical, mental and emotional body it helps you to have more significant positive effects and you can free yourself from thoughts and feelings that are blocking you.
The term Bath of Gong means that you bathe in the sound waves generated through vibration to purify us of stress and everyday problems.
It is composed of partial resonant tones that cover the acoustic space in a randomly living way, with multi-tones that seem to swim in a field of oceanic sound.

Power of Gong

  • Dematerialization: ceasing the sense of the physical.
  • Levitation: ceasing the sense of gravity.
  • Rejuvenation feels the ecstasy of the force of life.
  • Inner peace ceasing the sense of the passage of time.
  • Immortality: a sense of continuity of conscience
  • without the body, eliminating the fear of physical death.

  • Gong Puja

    Sacred Ritual

    Gong 1 & 1

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