Gong Puja

It is a meditative ceremony of healing and consciousness in which several Gongs keep their sound without interruption, for 7 hours and a half.

It is an evening in which all of us meditate through the sound vibrations of the Gong with a shared intention, peace, conscience and unity for each one of us who are present, for our families, our society, and our entire world. After the beginning of this sacred ceremony, the only sounds that will remain are from the Gongs.

We will meditate and sleep together with the original sound, and it ends with the sunset so that the vibration acts on our bodies.

The effect of the Puja de Gong will last in our bodies for several days and the energetic work throughout the lunar cycle in (28 days).

In the Puja de Gong we will enter into a state of meditation, feeding the higher mind with a spiritual knowledge that will help awaken the consciousness, intuition or connect you with your heart.

The Puja de Gong is an event created by Don Conreaux following the teachings of the teacher Yogi Bhajan, which the Gong can heal anything in 10 sessions (45 min x 10 = 7 hours and a half)

Gong 1 & 1

Gong bath

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