Singing bowl training

The power of sound

Our professional training

The primary objective of our training in sound vibration is to develop and expand the knowledge of the therapeutic power of sound.
Depending on the approach we will give you different tools and bases to develop an effective sound massage. As well as ensuring that the most disadvantaged patients have access to health wellbeing, both physical, mental and emotional body to connect with the inner being.

I want to take the training

Singing bowls training

Look at our calendar

To take the different pieces of training including the professional course of singing bowls. We had designed an extended session plan along the year. Contact us for more information.

Training venues

IES goes to many countries and cities

We provide the training in different venues according to the needs of each group or country.

Level of professionalism

Graduates of the different professional pieces of training offered by the IES can freely use their degree to provide sound massage and sound harmonization therapies to patients, in health institutions, holistic centers or any space that requires it.
A certified sound therapist of the IES is committed to making use of the knowledge and skills acquired with ethics and loyalty.
The Spanish Institution of Sound therapy has a register of the Spain ministry of institutions and associations.

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