“The idea of ​​consciousness is to feel in harmony as part of the whole; to also feel strong and be able to choose freely, develop in life and feel happy and healthy.”

Ramji Singh

Tibetan bowls training

Our Training, give you all the bases and tools to practice the primary, intermediate and advanced sound-massage as well as all the essential foundations that make sound therapy.
A sound-therapist dedicates his time and energy to improve the inner wellness of the people, bringing tranquility and harmony to where necessary. It works for the collective good offering relief and balances to the deepest level of each being.
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Gong Training

An instrument with transformational power
The sound of the gong is the sound of creation itself, all the music, all the sounds, all the words were born from its tone that it’s almost touched by our hands, “almost tangible.”
The gong is considered sacred and highly therapeutic.
Its used to heal the mental and spiritual physical body also as a source of rejuvenation, due to its source of holistic resonance that produces multiple tones in a continuous spectrum of sound.
Its sound creates a deep state of relaxation, freeing us from the torrent of thoughts and stimulating the glandular, immune, and nervous system to a higher level of functioning.

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New Handpan Seminar

The handpan is an instrument that was created in Switzerland by the sound sculptors Sabine and Felix Rohner in the year 2000. It is one of the best inventions of the Panart company.

Its a creative and powerful instrument that resembles a metal drum.

The Handpan is unique and exceptional, very deep and versatile. You can create in it many harmonic sounds and tones its sound sculpture is like an energy storage system.

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Monochord and sound resonance training.

The basic monochord, or tonometric monochord, is usually a rectangular box and a single string that produces a tone (octave) when played by a plectrum or with the fingers.
This millenary tool will help you to transmit new knowledge through profound sensitivity.

This exceptional instrument brings us closer in all its senses as in unipersonal and collective meditation, sound concerts and individual therapy.

It helps you to feel your sound spectrum throughout the body, through resonance from very subtle levels, to profound ones.
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Integral Singing Bowl Perfectioning

This training improves your techniques by practicing your past learning skills on the singing bowl professional training.

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Our experts share with you articles about sound therapy and other ancestral practices.


IES factory

We develop a whole range of sound therapy products, mainly Tibetan bowls with an alloy of 7 metals and fully calibrated so that they qualify their entire spectrum in vibration and sound for the realization of sound therapy or sound massage and fulfills all the characteristics of a harmonious bowl without any strange sound.

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